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Technology Services Terms and Conditions


Adele H. Stamp Student Union
Audio Visual equipment, sound systems and technical assistance is available for functions, such as speakers, concerts, parties and cultural events. The Stamp Audio-Visual staff will operate all equipment. Charges will be made for these services. If a non-university company is hired to produce an event in the Stamp, the Stamp Audio Visual Services must be contacted at (301) 405-0588 for approval. Requests made with less than 5 business days notice will incur a 50% late charge.

Computer Hardware
Audio Equipment
Video Equipment

Equipment Terms and Conditions

All clients must accept full responsibility for all security costs and related costs for services, damage to and/or loss of facilities or equipment, unless such costs are provided for otherwise, as expressly approved by the university.

Movie/Film Services Terms and Conditions

If you do not own the licensing rights for the film, the Stamp can obtain them for you. Your organization/department will be responsible for paying the licensing fees. The cost varies between films, however, you can expect to pay between $300 and $900 per film. It is ILLEGAL to show films without the proper licensing rights.

If you are selling tickets for admission to a film event, you are required to either pay a percentage of your profits from the event or pay a flat rate to the distributor of the film. Often distributors charge a flat rate of at least $350 or 40% of your profits, whichever is greater. Your cost will depend on how much your event makes. If you are showing a film that you've created and you own the rights this does not apply to you.

Movie/Film Request

Parking Services Terms and Conditions

Clients can purchase parking codes for their participants. Each parking code is $15 per car, per day.

Parking codes can be used at any electronic pay station on campus (surface or garage).  Parking codes do not guarantee a parking spot in a specific location.

You can request parking codes with your Event Coordaintor.
Parking Option

Additional Services Terms and Conditions

Event Changes
Event Services
Contracted Services

Ticket Services Terms and Conditions

Ticket Sales and Use of Stamp Ticket Office


Ticket sales for events scheduled in the Stamp must be coordinated through the Stamp Ticket Office. Ticket sales may not be conducted at the door or in other public spaces due to security issues related to the collection of money in a public, non-secure location.


Ticket sales for an event can begin two weeks prior to the event date provided all required information and final payment for ALL event services have been received.

icket sales for events not in the Stamp are provided online and can be arranged through the Stamp Ticket Office. Additional fees apply.

The Ticket Office offers day of event tickets sales outside of the posted hours. Tickets will be sold one (1) hour before to one (1) hour after. This service must be arranged at the time of the booking no less than two (2) weeks in advance.


Hours of Operation – Monday through Friday 12pm-10pm*

The Ticket Office is located on the Ground Floor next to the Hoff Theater. Contact us at 301.314.TKTS (8587) or visit us at

*Indicates Fall and Spring Semester hours only

Indicate amount of tickets to be sold for event.
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